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We Sell Your Property

Through decades of real estate practice, we’ve perfected a method that optimizes each step of the sales process, ensuring that you get the most out of every deal. Here’s a brief of how we’ll manage your property transaction from start to finish!

Phase 1: Initial Assessment

An initial meeting is set up, typically at the property in question. We measure, assess, and collectively discuss the desired selling price before finalizing all necessary documentation.

Phase 2: Showcasing Your Property

A compelling presentation is crucial for the successful sale of your property. Hence, we not only rely on professional photography to skillfully highlight your property but also offer optional home staging to impress potential buyers during visits. A professional photographer is tasked to ensure that your property stands out visually and remains memorable.

Phase 3: Listing Creation

Your listing is posted to the MLS® system, granting access to other real estate agents who can present it to their clients. Get ready for possible viewings!

Phase 4: Marketing Strategy

Your property will appear not only in the MLS® but can also be discovered on over 80 platforms, including, Zillow, and Trulia. We promote your listing through various channels, including social media, ensuring maximum visibility!

Phase 5: Managing Offers

Through our comprehensive marketing efforts, we anticipate a healthy interest in your property. We will assist und guide you through the offer process, to secure the best offer possible for you.

Phase 6: Inspections and Deal Finalization

Caution is paramount when purchasing a property. Your agent will guide you through inspections, potential repairs, and the final purchase process, always with the aim of safeguarding your interests and securing you the best possible deal.

Phase 7: Sold!

Once all paperwork is signed, payments made, and deed recorded, your house is successfully sold.
If you were happy with the service that was provided to you, we would greatly appreciate and positive review.

A Smart Move into Your Future

Purchasing a home is much more than just acquiring a place to live – it’s an investment into your future and a spot where memories are crafted. The Crystal Coast, with Swansboro as its picturesque jewel, provides not only breathtaking landscapes and a vibrant community but also the opportunity to invest in one of the most stable asset forms. Instead of channeling your finances into rent payments from which you derive no return, owning your home allows you to invest in a long-term asset while creating a homestead!

Phase 1: Market Research and Strategy Development

We provide deep insights into the Eastern North Carolina real estate market, assisting you in locating a home that aligns with your needs and budget. Together, we develop a targeted strategy to make your property search as efficient as possible.

Phase 2: Assistance with Financing

We guide you through the financing process, assist you in identifying the best lenders and financing options, and support you in preparing the necessary documentation.

Phase 3: Personalized Property Search and Viewings

With a clear understanding of your desires and needs, we initiate the search for suitable properties and organize both in-person and virtual viewings — using FaceTime, for instance, to provide maximum flexibility, especially when you cannot be on location.

Phase 4: Negotiation Phase

Once you’ve chosen a desired property, we represent your interests with tact and experience in negotiations to secure the best price and optimal conditions for you.

Phase 5: Handling the Paperwork

We ensure a smooth process with paperwork, ensuring all documents are submitted accurately and on time, providing transparent information every step of the way.

Phase 6: Coordination of Inspections and Appraisals

In this phase, we coordinate all necessary property inspections for you and ensure that you receive a fair and market-appropriate appraisal.

Your chosen lender will ensure that your appraisal will be done in a timely manner.

Phase 7: Accompanying Through the Closing Process

We accompany you through the entire closing process, ensuring everything goes according to plan, and provide support for any challenges that may arise during this crucial phase.

Phase 8: Post-Purchase Support

Even after the purchase, we are here for you, offering moving support, recommending reliable service providers, and assisting you in navigating your new environment, enabling you to fully enjoy your new home on the picturesque Crystal Coast. Eastern North Carolina and it’s amazing beaches.


This thoughtful and structured approach allows us to comprehensively support you throughout the entire purchasing process, ensuring your experience in acquiring property on the Crystal Coast is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Chris G
Chris G
From me and my wife, Thank you so much for your help with selling our home. You made the process simple and easy to understand for us, and we appreciated your patience and expertise. Your insight was extremely valuable to us and I don’t think we could have done this without you!! Anyone that needs help i would recommend Sandra !!
Melanie Gibson
Melanie Gibson
After looking for a realtor to sell my home and having the worst experiences ever, including a realtor using her cell phone for listing pics, I was lucky enough to find Sandra!! She made selling my house an absolute dream! She took care of everything from beginning to end. She was soft spoken and easy to talk to, but very professional and really knew her stuff so to speak! She not only had a PROFESSIONAL photographer take amazing pics of my home, but she held an open house to attract buyers with a mortgage professional by her side to prequalify potential buyers. She even had a crew lined up to take care of any of the last minute corrections the buyers wanted on my home! I had absolutely nothing to worry about but packing! It truly was a seamless transaction! And dare I say, a very “pleasant” experience knowing Sandra was in charge and handling everything for me! (As pleasant as moving can be I should add) She is truly one in a million and goes above and beyond to sell a home! I couldn’t be more thankful to have found her!! I also wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Sandra to anyone whether you’re buying or selling a home!! She is one amazing realtor!! I feel these other realtors that use cell phone pics, or refuse to do an open house because they’re either too poor or too lazy should take lessons from her on the proper way to sell a home AS WELL AS the proper way to treat their clients!! Thank you Sandra for everything!! 💞
Steve Gallaher
Steve Gallaher
Sandra helped us find the perfect new home for our mom in Hubert so that she can be close to family. And now she's helping us sell her current home in New Bern. She's experienced, knows the market and works tirelessly to make buying and selling painless and successful! We happily recommend her!
Monika Pum
Monika Pum
Sandra is a great realtor, she is extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive. She has lots of experience and is very connected, if you need an inspector or contractor. She will go above and beyond to find your dream house.
Jutta Reinold
Jutta Reinold
Sandra is fantastic, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile for her clients. I can only recommend her services
Kerstin Wendt
Kerstin Wendt
Sandra Steuer has shown exceptional dedication and competence as a Realtor. We conducted a house viewing with her via FaceTime, and she provided invaluable assistance throughout the entire process. Her professionalism and commitment went far beyond what one would expect from a real estate agent. Sandra not only flawlessly handled all the necessary formalities but also demonstrated a personal commitment and interest in our needs. Over time, she has not only become our Realtor but also a true friend. Her skills and dedication are absolutely remarkable, and we wholeheartedly recommend Sandra Steuer without reservation. We are thrilled with the results of her work and sincerely thank her for her support and friendship. Once again, thank you, Sandra, for everything you've done for us!
Cordelia Gruenhagen
Cordelia Gruenhagen
Great to deal with, goes above and beyond!
Vince Sclama
Vince Sclama
Best service ever! Sandra knows the business like no other and you can trust her all the way!!!!!!
Michael Carter
Michael Carter
Love working with Sandra! She is experienced and knowledgeable and is a great team mate when it comes to serving others at high levels!
Native Consultant LLC
Native Consultant LLC
Sandra helped us find our investment. She patiently and carefully guided us through the entire process, from the initial contact to the final signature with the lawyer. All our questions were always answered immediately and comprehensively. We felt that we were in good hands throughout the process and can highly recommend Sandra to any potential home buyer.